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December 5th, 2004: BREADNUT

Definition: BREADNUT*BREADNUTS n a tropical fruit

Anagrams: turbaned

Hooks: breadnutS

Ana-hooks: turbanNed

'Typos': (none)

Blana-grams: abduCent arbuteAn banterEd bartendS braunIte daunterS debutanT denaturE denturaL draWtube druMbeat Indurate Obdurate ruInated Subtrend tabOured tranSude truanTed turnabLe unabAted unbarBed unbarRed unbatHed unbearEd unbraCed unbraKed unCrated underaCt underatE underEat undertaX undreaMt unParted untHread untraCed untreadS urbaneSt urbanIte urInated

Extensions: (none)

Sub-anagrams: ab abed abet abut ad ae an and ane ant ante anted antre ar arb arbute ardeb ardent are art at ate aunt ba bad bade ban band bander bane baned banter bar bard barde bare bared barn bartend bat bate bated baud be bead bean bear beard beat beau beaut bed bedu ben bend bent bet beta bra brad brae bran brand brant brat bread bred bren brent brunet brunt brut brute bruted bud bun bund bundt bunt bunted bunter bur bura buran burd burden buret burn burned burnet burnt but butane bute dab darb dare darn dart date dater daub daube dauber daunt daunter daut de dean dear deb debar debt debut den dent derat drab drat drub dub due duet dun dune dunt dura dure durn ear earn eat eau ed en end er era ern et eta etna na nab nabe nae nard nature natured ne near neat neb nerd net nu nub nude nuder nurd nut rad ran rand rant ranted rat rate rated re read reb rebut red redan redub rend rent ret rub rube rude rue rued run rune runt rut ta tab taber tabu tabued tabun tad tae tan tar tare tared (and 49 more)

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