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July 10th, 2004: DIALYSED

Definition: 1. DIALYSED verb_past (see DIALYSE 1) 2. DIALYSE*DIALYSED*DIALYSES*DIALYSING v to dialyze

Anagrams: (none)

Hooks: (none)

Ana-hooks: adVisedly disPlayed

'Typos': dialyser dialyses dialyzed

Blana-grams: alidAdes Biasedly dayFlies daysideS dialyZes didDleys disaBled disMayed dysleXia eCdysial islaNded laNdside lyddiTes saddleRy slideWay sTeadily

Extensions: (none)

Sub-anagrams: ad add addle addles adds ads ae ai aid aide aided aides aids ail ailed ails ais aisle aisled al ale ales als as aside ay aye ayes ays dad dads daily dais daisy dal dale dales dals day days dayside de dead deadly deads deal deals deasil dedal deil deils del delay delays deli delis dels dey deys dial dialed dials dialyse did didy die died diel dies dis dyad dyads dye dyed dyes easily easy ed eddy el eld elds els es eyas id idea ideal ideals ideas ides idle idled idles idly ids idyl idyls ilea is isle isled la lad laddie laddies lade laded lades ladies lads lady laid las lase lased lay layed lays lea lead leads leady leas led lei leis ley leys li lid lids lie lied lies lis lyase lye lyes lyse lysed sad saddle sade sadi sadly sae said sail sailed sal sale say sayid sea seal sei sel si sial side sided sidle sidled sild slay slayed sled slid slide sly syli ya yald ye yea yeas yeld yes yield yields

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