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July 3rd, 2004: ASUNDER

Definition: ASUNDER adv into pieces

Anagrams: danseur

Hooks: (none)

Ana-hooks: danseurS daunDers daunTers denarIus duraMens duranCes Launders Lurdanes Maunders sQuander surnaMed Transude undersEa undraPes unerasEd unraIsed unsearEd unsHared unTreads uranIdes

'Typos': (none)

Blana-grams: adJures arenOus arOused asSured auGends Banders Burdens Crusade daMners danCers danDers danGers darKens darneLs darneRs dasYure dauBers daunDer daunTer desuGar dHurnas duenNas dunKers duraMen duranCe durIans endEars endurEs endurOs ensurEd erRands Furanes Ganders Gardens Gerunds Hardens Insured Landers Lauders Launder Lurdane Lurdans Manured Manures Maunder Medusan naTured naTures nudGers Panders randIes reFunds reMands reMudas resIdua resOund rOndeau rundLes sandBur sanderS sandIer sardIne saunTer sLander snaFued snarLed sOunder sPurned sQuared sTander suBdean suGared sundaeS sunderS sunWard surnaMe sYnurae Tundras unaIred unarMed unasKed unBased unBears unCased undOers undraPe undraWs undresS undresT unHeard unLades unLeads unraKed unraTed unraZed unreadY unsaTed unsaVed unsaWed unsWear unTread uranIde Wanders Wardens Zanders

Extensions: (none)

Sub-anagrams: ad ads ae an and ands ane anes anus ar are ares ars as aures dare dares darn darns de dean deans dear dears den dens druse due dues dun dune dunes duns dura duras dure dures durn durns ear earn earns ears eau ed en end ends ens er era eras ern erns ers es na nae nard nards nares ne near nears nerd nerds nu nude nuder nudes nurd nurds nurse nursed nus rad rads ran rand rands ras rase rased re read reads red redan redans reds rend rends res rude rue rued rues run rune runes runs ruse sad sade sae sand sander sane saned saner sard sau sea sear sedan sen send ser sera snare snared sned sue sued suer sun sundae sunder sura surd sure un unde under unread uns urase urd urds urea ureas urn urns ursa ursae us use used user usnea

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