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November 30th, 2019: ARBUSCLE

Definition: ARBUSCLE*ARBUSCLES n a dwarf tree

Anagrams: (none)

Hooks: arbuscleS

Ana-hooks: barleDucs brucelLas crusHable rescuablE scruTable securablE subcelLar

'Typos': (none)

Blana-grams: aurIcles balusTer barBules barleDuc basculeS baulKers becraWls berascAl blucHers bluecaPs brucelLa bucKlers bulLaces caesurAl calIbers calIbres carOusel caulKers causAble cHasuble clabBers claMbers claQuers clubBers cluMbers cruMbles cuDbears curbaBle Durables labruscA lacQuers lucarNes recusalS reusablE rOusable rubelLas rubeOlas rusTable scrabBle scraMble secularS sPecular subclerK subraceS subScale surFable uNbraces

Extensions: (none)

Sub-anagrams: ab able abler ables abs abuse abuser ace acerb aces acre acres ae al alb albs ale alec alecs ales als ar arb arbs arc arcs arcus are ares arles ars arse as aures ba bal bale baler balers bales bals bar bare bares bars bas bascule base baser be beal beals bear bears beau beaus bel bels bes blae blare blares blase blear blears blue bluer blues blur blurs bra brace braces brae braes bras bur bura buras burl burls burs bursa bursae bursal burse bus cab caber cabers cable cabler cablers cables cabs cal cals car carb carbs care cares carl carle carles carls cars carse case caul caules cauls cause causer cel cels cesura clause clear clears club clubs clue clues crab crabs cru cruel crus cruse cub cube cuber cubers cubes cubs cue cues cur curable curb curbs cure cures curl curls curs curse ear earl earls ears eau ecru ecrus ecu ecus el els er era eras ers es escar la lab labs lac lace lacer lacers laces lacs lar lares lars las lase laser lea lear lears leas les leu lube lubes luce luces lucre lucres lues lure lures race races rale rales ras (and 90 more)

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