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August 28th, 2019: DACKER


Anagrams: arcked carked racked

Hooks: dackerS

Ana-hooks: cHarked craCked craNked creakEd crOaked Fracked keYcard Tracked Wracked

'Typos': backer daiker danker darker decker dicker docker ducker hacker jacker lacker packer racker sacker tacker wacker

Blana-grams: arcAde arcHed Backed Barked Braced Braked cadGer cadreS cakIer caLked caLker caNker cardeD cardeR carIed carPed carTed carVed caSked cedarN cedarS cedarY cHared cOrked cradLe crakeS craNed craPed craTed craVed craZed creakS creakY credaL daNcer darkeD darkeN darkeY darkIe darkLe deBark decarE dekarE deMark drakeS dreckS dreckY ecHard Farced Graced Hacked Harked Jacked Lacked Larked Marked Nacred Narked Packed Parked rackeT rackLe raNked reckEd recLad redacT redcaP redOck rePack reRack reTack rIcked rOcked rUcked Sacked Sacred Scared Screak Tacked Traced Wacked Warked Yacked

Extensions: dackerED dackerING

Sub-anagrams: ace aced acre acred ad ae ar arc arced are ark cad cade cadre cake caked car card care cared cark cedar crake creak cred da dace dak dare dark de dear deck drake dreck drek ear ed er era ka kae kea race raced rack rad rake raked re read rec reck red

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