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January 10th, 2017: CROTALE

Definition: CROTALE*CROTALES n a small cymbal

Anagrams: locater

Hooks: crotaleS

Ana-hooks: acroleCt Brocatel cHelator cHlorate clearoUt colLaret corelatE erotIcal locaterS lorIcate Pectoral relocatE Sectoral trocHlea

'Typos': (none)

Blana-grams: acerolA acolYte actorlY aloetIc artIcle Bloater caJoler calorIe calotTe caloYer caltroP carIole caroleD caroleR cartelS ceNtral cHolate cHolera cHorale cHoreal cHortle claretS claroeS clatTer clotUre cloUter coalerS coalIer coaSter coaterS colLate colterS coraCle corDate corelLa corMlet corNeal corSlet coStrel coUlter creatoR creStal Delator earlocK elEctor elEctro eNactor erotIca eScolar eXactor Floater Floreat Gelcoat Gloater lactoNe lactoSe lectorS leGator leotarD leVator loatHer locateD locateS locatOr lorIcae ocelLar ocreatE oleStra oracleS oUtrace oVeract Plectra Polecat Prolate ratHole reactoR realLot realtoR recItal recoalS recoatS reDcoat reFloat relatoR retaBlo retoTal Scarlet Scrotal Solacer tacKler talcIer talcoSe torUlae tracHle treaclE treaclY trocHal

Extensions: (none)

Sub-anagrams: ace acre acro act actor ae aero al ale alec alert aloe alt alter alto ar arc arco are art artel at ate cal calo car care caret carl carle carol cart carte cartel cat cate cater cel celt ceorl cero cert claret claro clear cleat clot coal coaler coat coater col cola cole colt colter cor coral core cot cote crate ear earl eat eclat eco el er era et eta la lac lace lacer lar lat late later lea lear lector let lo loca locate lor lore lot lota oar oat oater oca ocrea octal oe ole olea or ora oracle oral orate orc orca ore orle ort race rale rat rate ratel rato re react real rec recoal recoat recta rectal recto ret roc roe role rot rota rote rotl ta tace taco tae tael talc tale taler tao tar tare taro taroc te tea teal tear tec tel tela telco to toe toea tola tolar tole tor tora torc tore trace

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