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July 7th, 2012: ACTINIDE

Definition: ACTINIDE*ACTINIDES n any of a series of radioactive elements

Anagrams: ctenidia indicate

Hooks: actinideS

Ana-hooks: andeSitic dieticIan identicaL indicateD indicateS Vindicate

'Typos': actiniae

Blana-grams: acCident acRidine actinOid actiOned adenitiS aKinetic aLcidine anticKed canitieS catenOid caVitied ciLiated cYtidine daintieR daintieS dancieSt diaBetic diatOnic dicentRa diStance etHician ideatinG ideatiOn inactiVe incaNted incideNt incUdate indicaNt indicteD indicteE indicteR indiRect iOdinate Medicant nictaTed Pedantic Raticide Reindict Sciaenid tacHinid taeniOid Vanitied Vaticide

Extensions: TRANSactinide TRANSactinideS#

Sub-anagrams: ace aced acetin acid acini acne acned act acted actin ad adit ae ai aid aide ain ait an and ane ani ant ante anted anti antic at ate cad cade cadent cadet cadi caid cain can cane caned canid cant canted cat cate cedi cent centai cine cite cited citied cnida cnidae da dace dacite dan dance date de dean decan decani decant den deni dent detain dice dicta die diet din dine dint dit dita dite eat ed edict edit en enact enatic end entia et eta etic etna ice iced id idea ident identic in incite incited indict indie indite inedita inia inti it na nae ne neat net nicad nice nidate nide nidi nit nite nitid ta tace tad tae tain tan te tea tec ted teiid tein teind ten tend tenia ti tian tic tide tie tied tin tine tinea tined tineid

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