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October 28th, 2023: CATE

Definition: CATE*CATES n a choice food

Anagrams: tace

Hooks: cateR cateS

Ana-hooks: acetA acteD acUte caDet caRet caRte caSte ceSta cHeat cLeat cRate ecLat eNact ePact eXact Facet React Recta taceS taceT tacHe teacH tecTa tHeca tRace

'Typos': bate cade cafe cage cake came cane cape care case cats cave cete cite cote cute date fate gate hate late mate pate rate sate tate

Blana-grams: aBet aceD aceS acHe acMe acNe acRe actA actS aLec aNte ateS Beat Beta caNt caRt caSt ceCa ceLt ceNt ceRt cHat cOat Dace eacH eaSt eatH eatS ecHt etaS etcH etIc etNa Face Fact Feat Feta Geta Haet Heat Keta Lace Mace Meat Meta Neat Pace Pact Peat Race Scat Seat Sect Seta tacH tacK tacO tacT taeL taKe taLc taLe taMe taPe taRe taSe teaK teaL teaM teaR teaS teaT tecH tecS teLa tePa tHae tOea tWae Weta Zeta

Extensions: LOcate VAcate cateNA cateRS BACcate EDUcate FALcate FURcate LOcateD LOcateR LOcateS PLAcate PLIcate SACcate SPIcate SULcate THEcate TOCcate VAcateD VAcateS ZINcate cateCHU cateNAE cateNAS cateRAN cateRED cateRER ABDIcate ADUNcate ADVOcate AGUAcate ALLOcate BACcateD BROcateL CALYcate COLOcate DEDIcate DEFEcate DELIcate EDUcateD EDUcateS FALcateD FURcateD FURcateS INDIcate INVOcate LORIcate LOcateRS MEDIcate MURIcate MUScateL PLAcateD PLAcateR PLAcateS PLIcateD RADIcate RELOcate SEcateUR SILIcate SONIcate SPIcateD SULcateD SURIcate TRUNcate TUNIcate URTIcate VESIcate ZINcateS cateCHIN cateCHOL cateCHUS cateGORY cateNARY cateNATE cateNOID cateRANS cateRERS cateRESS cateRING ABDIcateD ABDIcateS ADVOcateD ADVOcateS AFFRIcate AGUAcateS ALLOcateD ALLOcateS ALTERcate AUSPIcate BIFURcate BISULcate BROcateLS BUSTIcate COLLOcate COLOcateD COLOcateS CORTIcate CORUScate DEDIcateD DEDIcateE (and 391 more)

Sub-anagrams: ace act ae at ate cat eat et eta ta tae te tea tec

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