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September 10th, 2023: DITE

Definition: DITE*DITES n a small amount

Anagrams: diet edit tide tied

Hooks: diteS

Ana-hooks: Bidet Cited deBit deiSt deitY deMit dietS ediCt editS Fetid ideNt Kited Sited Stied teiId teiNd tePid tideD tideS tiLde tiLed tiMed tiNed tiRed tRied Wited

'Typos': bite cite date dice diet dike dime dine dire dita dits ditz dive dote gite kite lite mite nite rite site wite

Blana-grams: Adit Aide Bide Cedi deBt deEt deFi deFt deiL deLi deLt deNi deNt deSi deVi dieD dieL dieS diNt diPt diRt dOit dUet dUit eidE eMit etiC etUi eXit Gied Hide Hied iCed ideA ideM ideS idLe iRed iteM Lied Nide Pied Ride Side tedS teEd teiN teNd tidY tieR tieS tiKe tiLe tiMe tiNe tiRe tOed Vide Vied Wide Yeti

Extensions: ENdite EditeD INdite POdite diteD# AUditeD AUditeE CHEdite CORdite ENditeD ENditeS ERUdite INditeD INditeR INditeS LYDdite POditeS AUditeES CHEDdite CHEditeS COEditeD CORditeS CREditeD CRUditeS EXPEdite INEditeD INditeRS LYDditeS REEditeD UNEditeD VERdite# VERditeR ALMANdite ANDRAdite APHROdite CHEDditeS ERUditeLY ERUditeS# EXPEditeD EXPEditeR EXPEditeS EXTRAdite INCONdite MISEditeD PAGOdite# PLAUdite# PREEditeD RECONdite SUBEditeD TURBIdite UNAUditeD VERditeRS VERditeS# VIRIdite# ACCREditeD ALMANditeS ALMONdite# ANDRAditeS APHROditeS COPYEditeD ENDOPOdite EXOPOdite# EXPEditeRS EXTRAditeD EXTRAditeS HEULANdite INERUdite# OVEREditeD PAGOditeS# SCOROdite# SMARAGdite TETRAdite# TURBIditeS UNCREditeD VIRIditeS# ALABANdite# ALMONditeS# ARGYROdite# DISCREditeD ENDOPOditeS EXOPOditeS# EXPEditeLY# HEULANditeS INditeMENT# PENTLANdite RECONditeLY SCOROditeS# SMARAGditeS TETRAditeS# THENARdite# ALABANditeS# ARGYROditeS# ERUditeNESS# INCONditeLY# INditeMENTS# MISCREditeD# PENTLANditeS REACCREditeD THENARditeS# UNACCREditeD (and 9 more)

Sub-anagrams: de die dit ed et id it te ted ti tie

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