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August 24th, 2021: SOM

Definition: SOM*SOMS n a monetary unit of Kyrgyzstan

Anagrams: mos oms

Hooks: somA somE somS

Ana-hooks: Doms Emos Homs mHos mIso moAs moBs moCs moDs moGs moLs moMs moNs moOs moPs moRs mosH mosK mosS mosT moTs moWs mUso Noms oHms omAs Poms Roms sHmo smoG sUmo Toms

'Typos': dom hom mom nom pom rom sim sob soc sod soh sol son sop sos sot sou sow sox soy sum tom yom

Blana-grams: Bos Cos Dos Emo Ems Gos Hos Ism Kos mAs mEs mHo mIs moA moB moC moD moG moI moL moN moO moP moR moT moW mUs Nos oDs oEs oHm oHs omA oNs oPs oRs osE Pos sHo Ums Wos

Extensions: BEsom BOsom somAN somAS somY# BEsomS BIsom# BOsomS BOsomY DIsomY DsomO# HANsom IsomER JETsom LISsom RANsom UGsomE somANS somATA somBER somBRE somITE somONI AIRsomE AWEsomE AWsomE# BIsomS# BLOSsom BOsomED CHRIsom DIsomIC DsomOS# EMBOsom EPIsomE EYEsomE FULsomE HANsomS IMBOsom IRKsomE IsomERS JETsomS JISsom# LISsomE NOIsomE OXYsomE PROsomA RANsomS TRANsom TRIsomE TRIsomY TWAsomE TWOsomE UNBOsom WAGsomE WINsomE WOEsomE somATIC somBRER somEDAY somEHOW somEONE somEWAY somITAL somITES somITIC somONIS ACROsomE AUTOsomE BEEsomE# BEsomED# BLOSsomS BLOSsomY BOREsomE BOsomING BUCKsom# CAPsomER CHRIsomS CONsomME DARKsomE DISBOsom DIsomIES DOLEsomE EMBOsomS ENDOsomE EPIsomAL EPIsomES FEARsomE FOURsomE FRETsomE GAMEsomE GAYsomE# GLADsomE GLEEsomE GREWsomE GRUEsomE HANDsomE HOLEsom# IMBOsomS INsomNIA INsomUCH (and 575 more)

Sub-anagrams: mo om os so

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