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February 15th, 2021: LUTEIN

Definition: LUTEIN*LUTEINS n a yellow pigment

Anagrams: (none)

Hooks: luteinS

Ana-hooks: Alunite Cutline Diluent elutinG elutiOn inutIle lineCut lunieSt nutliKe Outline tuniCle utenSil

'Typos': (none)

Blana-grams: Auntie Client Dentil Dilute Dunite elintS eluAnt eluEnt enGlut enliSt entAil entOil Fluent Futile Gentil Glutei Gluten Gunite inCult inDult inletS inSult leCtin lenitE lenitY lentiC lentiL lePtin leuCin lineuP linNet linteD linteL linteR liSten litTen luCent luCite luetiC lunAte lunetS lunieR lunieS lunteD luPine lutinG Minuet Minute Mutine netFul niBlet nuBile nuClei nutleT Outlie Penult Pintle Plutei Quinte Runlet Rutile Silent Sunlit teliuM tenAil tenuiS tenuTi tineAl tinFul tinGle tinKle tinSel tRiune tuileS tuilLe tunNel unBelt unFelt uniteD uniteR uniteS unliKe unliVe unPile untieD untieS unVeil utileS Wintle

Extensions: luteinIZE luteinISE# luteinIZED luteinIZES luteinISED# luteinISES# luteinIZING luteinISING# luteinIZATION luteinISATION# luteinIZATIONS

Sub-anagrams: el elint en et etui in inlet it lei lent let leu li lie lien lieu lin line lint lit lite litu lun lune lunet lunt lute ne net nil nit nite nu nut te tein tel ten ti tie til tile tin tine tui tuile tule tun tune un uni unit unite unlet unlit untie until ut ute utile

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