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August 14th, 2019: CAMPHIRE

Definition: CAMPHIRE*CAMPHIRES n a flowering plant

Anagrams: (none)

Hooks: camphireS

Ana-hooks: Graphemic impeachEr

'Typos': campfire camphine samphire

Blana-grams: aSpheric chairmeN champerS chapiTer cheDarim chimaerA chimeraS cOpremia crampieR empaThic emphaTic impacTer marcheSi parcheSi pareciSm parheLic paTchier peachiEr phreaTic pOachier rhemaTic Sapremic Seraphic Seraphim Teraphim

Extensions: (none)

Sub-anagrams: ace ache achier acme acre ae ah ahem ahi ai aim aimer air am ami amice amie amir amp ape aper ar arc arch archi are areic arm cahier cam came cami camp camper campi campier cap cape caper caph capri car care carp carpi cep ceria ceriph chai chair cham champ champer chap chape char chare charm cheap chem chi chia chimar chime chimer chimera chimp chip chirm chirp cipher cire cram cramp crap crape cream crime crimp crip cripe each ear eh em emic emir eparch epha epic er era erica ha hae haem haemic hair ham hame hamper hap hare harem harm harp he heap hear heir hem hemic hemp hep her herm herma hermai hi hic hie him hip hire hm ice ich ihram imp impeach ire ma mac mace macer mach mache macher mae mair map mar marc march mare me mech meh merc merch mi mic mica mice miche micra mir mire pa pac pace pacer pacier pah pair pam par parch pare pe pea peach pear pec pech peh per perc perch peri perm phi pi pia pic pica pice pie pier pima pram preach price prim prima prime race rah rai ram (and 24 more)

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