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October 16th, 2017: ELINT

Definition: ELINT*ELINTS n the gathering of intelligence by electronic devices

Anagrams: inlet

Hooks: elintS

Ana-hooks: Client Dentil enliSt entAil entOil Gentil inletS leCtin lenitE lenitY lentiC lentiL lePtin linNet linteD linteL linteR liSten litTen lUtein niBlet Pintle Silent tenAil tineAl tinGle tinKle tinSel Wintle

'Typos': flint glint

Blana-grams: Alien Aline Anile Blent Blite Cline elAin elFin elitE elOin entiA Feint Filet Flite iDent inePt ineRt inGle inKle inSet inteR iSlet iStle iXtle Knelt lAten leAnt leGit leniS lentO leVin liAne lienS liKen liMen lineD lineN lineR lineS lineY lintS lintY liteR liteS litHe litRe liVen lUnet neiSt niteR niteS nitRe Olein Relit Senti Stein Stile teinD teinS teliA teliC telOi teniA tHein tHine tilDe tileD tileR tileS tineA tineD tineS tinGe tiTle tOile tRine tUile tWine Unite Unlet Unlit Untie Until Utile

Extensions: (none)

Sub-anagrams: el en et in it lei lent let li lie lien lin line lint lit lite ne net nil nit nite te tein tel ten ti tie til tile tin tine

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