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March 3rd, 2017: PERC

Definition: PERC*PERCS n a chemical used in dry cleaning

Anagrams: (none)

Hooks: percH percS

Ana-hooks: cAper cOper crApe creEp crepE crepT crepY crIpe pAcer prIce recAp

'Typos': merc pere peri perk perm perp pert perv

Blana-grams: Acre Aper cApe cAre cArp cepE cepS cerE cerO cerT cIre cOpe cOre crAp creD creW crIp crOp cUre ecrU epIc pAce pAre peAr pecH pecK pecS peEr pIce pIer pOre preE preP preX preY preZ pUce pUre pYre rAce rApe reAp recK recS repO repP repS rIce rIpe rOpe Spec

Extensions: ApercU percE# percID ApercUS percALE percED# percEN# percENT percEPT percES# percHED percHER percHES percIDS percOID percUSS EMpercE# OpercELE OpercULA OpercULE SUpercAR SUpercOP UNpercH# UPpercUT percALES percASE# percEIVE percENTS percEPTS percHERS percHING percINE# percING# percOCT# percOIDS EMpercED# EMpercES# HYpercUBE OpercELES OpercULAR OpercULES OpercULUM PApercLIP PIKEpercH SURFpercH SUpercARS SUpercEDE SUpercELL SUpercHIC SUpercITY SUpercLUB SUpercOIL SUpercOOL SUpercOPS SUpercOW# SUpercUTE UPpercASE UPpercUTS percALINE percEANT# percEIVED percEIVER percEIVES percENTAL percHANCE percHERY# percINES# percOCTS# percOLATE percOLIN# percUSSED percUSSES percUSSOR APpercEIVE EMpercING# HOPpercAR# HYpercUBES OVERpercH# OpercULARS OpercULATE OpercULUMS PApercLIPS PEPpercORN REpercUSS# SUpercARGO SUpercEDED SUpercEDES SUpercELLS SUpercLASS SUpercLEAN SUpercLUBS SUpercOILS SUpercOLD# SUpercOOLS SUpercOWS# UNpercHED# UNpercHES# UPpercASED UPpercASES percALINES (and 183 more)

Sub-anagrams: cep er pe pec per re rec rep

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