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May 22nd, 2014: SCALENUS

Definition: SCALENUS*SCALENI n a muscle of the neck

Anagrams: (none)

Hooks: (none)

Ana-hooks: nucleasEs

'Typos': scalenes

Blana-grams: Bascules calLuses calMness canTuses caPsules cleansEs cleanuPs clOnuses cOunsels cuTlases enclasPs euclasEs Inulases Issuance lacIness lacunOse launcHes lucaRnes lunacIes Mescluns nucleasE nuTcases Recusals sacCules sanIcles scaleuPs secOnals seculaRs slacKens sPancels sPansule suBclans suBscale suncaRes sunscalD unclasPs unclassY unclOses unlasHes unscaleD uPscales usaUnces

Extensions: (none)

Sub-anagrams: ace aces acne acnes ae al ale alec alecs ales als an ane anes anus anuses as ascus ass cal cals can cane canes cans case cases casus caul caules cauls cause causes cel cels censual census cess clan clans class clause clauses clean cleans clue clues cue cues cuneal cuss eau ecu ecus el elan elans els en ens es ess la lac lace laces lacs lacune lacunes lance lances lane lanes las lase lases lass launce launces lea lean leans leas lens les less leu luce luces lues lun luna lunas lune lunes luns na nae naes ne ness nu nus sac sacs sae sal sale sales sals san sane sanes sans sau sauce sauces saul sauls scale scales scan scans scena scenas sea seal seals seas sec secs sel sels sen sensa sensual slue slues sue sues sun suns sus ulan ulans ulna ulnae ulnas un uncase uncases uncle uncles unlace unlaces unless uns unseal unseals us usance usances use uses usnea usneas

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