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May 5th, 2014: BARDE


Anagrams: ardeb bared beard bread debar

Hooks: bardeD bardeS

Ana-hooks: abIder abrAde adVerb ardebS badDer badGer baLder baNder barBed barFed barGed barKed barNed barRed beadEr beardS bLader bLared braCed braKed braVed braYed braZed breadS breadY dabBer daUber debarK debarS earbUd Garbed redbaY Sabred Serdab

'Typos': barbe bards bared barge barre barye

Blana-grams: abIde abLed abLer abOde aCerb aCred adDer adObe adOre aIder aIred aLder aMber arCed arMed baAed badGe baKed baKer baLed baLer baNed bareR bareS baSed baSer baTed baYed baYer beadS beadY bearS bedaD beGad bIder bLade bLare bLear bOard bOred braCe bradS braeS braId braKe braNd braVe braZe breaK breaM bredE breEd brIde brOad Caber Cadre Cared Cedar darbS dareD dareR dareS daTer daUbe deaIr dearS dearY debaG debUr deNar deraT deraY derbY derMa deWar dObra drabS draKe draPe draVe dreaD dreaM dreaR earEd eMbar Fader Fared Grade Hared Heard Irade Kebar Lader Madre Oared Orbed Oread Padre Pared rabId raCed raGed raKed raPed raRed raSed raTed raVed raXed raYed raZed readD readS readY rebaR rebId redaN redIa redUb reHab rObed Sabed Saber Sabre Taber Tared Trade Tread Wader Wared Yerba Zebra

Extensions: BOMbarde TAbardeD BOMbardeD BOMbardeR BOMbardeS BOMbardeRS SCABbardeD UNSCABbardeD#

Sub-anagrams: ab abed ad ae ar arb are ba bad bade bar bard bare be bead bear bed bra brad brae bred da dab darb dare de dear deb drab ear ed er era rad re read reb red

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