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December 3rd, 2013: PHERESIS

Definition: PHERESIS*PHERESES n the process of filtering and returning some blood components to a patient

Anagrams: perishes

Hooks: Apheresis

Ana-hooks: iNspheres perisheRs phArisees phOresies phreNsies spheriesT

'Typos': phereses

Blana-grams: Despiser Disperse eMprises erepsiNs heirLess heisTers heresiEs herpesEs hipsTers iMpreses iNsphere pArishes perisheD perisheR phArisee phisHers preCises preMises preshiPs presiDes preVises priseRes reLishes repRises reshApes reshiNes respiRes respiTes ripeNess rOsehips shArpies sheepisH sherRies shipPers shrieVes spheriCs spherieR spieLers spireMes sTeepish Whispers

Extensions: PLASMApheresis

Sub-anagrams: eh er ere ers erses es eses espies ess esse he heir heiress heirs hep heps her here heres herpes hers hes hi hie hies hip hips hire hiree hirees hires his hiss hisser ire ires is pe pee peer peers pees peh pehs peise peises per pere peres peri peris perish perse perses pes phi phis pi pie pier piers pies pis pish pisher pishers pishes piss pisser pree prees prese press pries prise prises priss psi psis re ree rees rei reis rep reps res reses resh reshes reship reships rip ripe ripes rips rise rises see seep seeps seer seers sees sei seis seise seiser seps ser sere seres series sers sesh sh she sheep sheer sheers shes shier shiers shies ship ships shire shires shri shris si sip sipe sipes sips sir sire siree sirees sires sirs sis speer speers speir speirs speise sphere spheres spier spiers spies spire spires spree sprees sri sris

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