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July 28th, 2013: PATHOGEN

Definition: PATHOGEN*PATHOGENS n any disease-producing organism

Anagrams: heptagon

Hooks: pathogenE pathogenS pathogenY

Ana-hooks: heptagonS

'Typos': (none)

Blana-grams: apothegM Cenotaph gantLope hYpogean pantheoN pentagoN phaetonS phonateD phonateS pInotage Stanhope

Extensions: pathogenES pathogenIC pathogenIES pathogenESES pathogenESIS pathogenETIC pathogenOUS# NONpathogenIC PHYTOpathogen pathogenICITY CYTOpathogenIC PHYTOpathogenS PHYTOpathogenIC pathogenICITIES

Sub-anagrams: ae aeon ag age agent ago agon agone ah an ane ant ante ape apo apt at ate atone atop eat eath ego eh en eng eon epha et eta eth etna gae gaen gan gane gap gape gat gate gean gen genoa gent get geta ghat gnat go goa goat goeth gone got goth ha hae haen haet hag hang hant hao hap hapten hat hate he heap heat hen hent hep het ho hoe hog hogan hon hone hong hop hope hot na nae nag nah nap nape ne neap neat neath neg net netop no nog noh nope not nota note nth oat oaten oath oe oh on one op opa opah ope open opt pa paeon page pah pan pane pang pant panto pat pate paten path pe pea peag pean peat peg peh pen pengo pent peon pet phaeton phage phat pho phon phonate phone phot pht po poet poh pone pong pot potage ta tae tag tan tang tango tao tap tape te tea teg ten teopan tepa thae than thane thang the thegn then tho thong to toe toea tog toga togae ton tone tong tonga top tope toph tophe

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