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August 18th, 2012: THERIAN

Definition: THERIAN*THERIANS n any of a subclass of mammals

Anagrams: hairnet inearth

Hooks: therianS

Ana-hooks: antheriD antiherO earthinG hairnetS heartinG herniatE inearthS inGather Perianth

'Typos': theriac

Blana-grams: airtheD aneStri anOther antherS antireD antSier arChine arenitE Ceratin Certain Chainer Chanter Cithern Cithren Creatin Detrain earthEn enthraL entraiN Fainter Gahnite Granite Gratine hanDier harMine haStier haUnter hearinG heartEn heatinG heMatin heParin herniaE herniaL herniaS hetairA hinterS inaPter inertIa inGrate inhaLer inherIt inthraL intreaT iteranT Keratin Lathier Latrine Minaret nartheX naStier natTier neariSh neithEr nitraTe Painter Panther Pertain raiMent ratineS ratLine reLiant rePaint retainS rethinK retinaE retinaL retinaS retRain retSina rUinate Sheitan Stainer Stearin Sthenia taCrine tanGier tarniSh taUrine taWnier tearinG terRain terTian thanKer thenarS therEin thinKer thinNer thriVen tinWare traineD traineE traineR tranChe tranNie trenaiL Unearth Uranite Urethan Urinate Writhen Zithern

Extensions: EUtherian EUtherianS ELEUtherian# MEGAtherian# METAtherian# METAtherianS# PROTOtherian# PROTOtherianS# therianTHROPIC#

Sub-anagrams: ae ah ahi ai ain air airn airt airth ait an ane ani ant ante anther anti antre ar are art at ate ear earn earth eat eath eh en entia er era ern et eta eth etna ha hae haen haet haint hair hant hare hart hat hate hater he hear heart heat heir hen hent her hern hernia het hi hie hin hint hinter hire hit in inert inter irate ire it ither na nae nah ne near neat neath net nit nite niter nitre nth rah rai rain ran rani rant rat rate rath rathe ratine re rei rein rent ret retain retia retina rhea ria riant rin rite ta tae tahr tain tan tar tare tarn te tea tear tein ten tenia terai tern thae than thane the thein their then thenar thin thine thir ti tian tie tier tin tine tinea tire train trine

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