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May 17th, 2012: LOID

Definition: LOID*LOIDED*LOIDING*LOIDS v to open a spring lock by using a piece of celluloid

Anagrams: diol idol lido

Hooks: Sloid loidS

Ana-hooks: dilDo diolS doilY dolCi idolS iNdol lidoS oilEd oldiE Soldi Solid

'Typos': laid load loin lord loud void

Blana-grams: Boil Bold Clod Coil Cold dEil dEli diAl diDo diEl dilL diNo diRl doiT dolE dolL dolS dolT Fido Filo Foil Fold Gild Gold Hold idlE idlY idYl Kilo lidS liEd liLo liMo liNo lioN liPo loCi lodE loTi lUdo Mild Milo Modi Moil Mold Nodi Noil odiC odYl oilS oilY oldE oldS oldY oliO oXid Plod Roil Sild Silo Slid Soil Sold Soli Toil Told Viol Wild Wold

Extensions: HAloid KEloid MEloid PloidY SloidS XYloid loidED AMYloid CHEloid COLloid CYCloid DIPloid EUPloid HAPloid HAloidS HYAloid KEloidS MEloidS MYEloid OCEloid PEloid# SIAloid STYloid TABloid loidING ALKAloid AMYloidS ARILloid CHEloidS COLloidS COTYloid CYCloidS DIPloidS DIPloidY EUPloidS EUPloidY HAPloidS HAPloidY HYAloidS KEloidAL LIGUloid LIMUloid MYCEloid PETAloid PEloidS# PHYLloid PloidIES SEPAloid STYloidS TABloidS THALloid TRIPloid ALKAloidS ANEUPloid CAMEloid# CELLUloid CELloidIN CICHloid# COLloidAL CONDYloid CORALloid CYCloidAL DIPloidIC GAVIAloid HAPloidIC HEXAPloid HOMAloid# HYPOPloid LABELloid LIMUloidS METALloid MONGOloid MONOPloid MYTIloid# NAUTIloid OCTOPloid PHALloid# PHELloid# PHYLloidS PLANUloid POLYPloid POloidAL# SQUAloid# SYPHIloid TABloidY# TRIPloidS TRIPloidY VARIOloid XYloidIN# YPSIloid# ALKAloidAL AMPHIPloid AMYGDAloid AMYloidAL# ANEUPloidS ANEUPloidY BUNGAloid# CAMEloidS# CELLUloidS CELloidINS (and 134 more)

Sub-anagrams: do dol id li lid lo od oi oil old

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