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November 21st, 2008: PLASMIC

Definition: PLASMIC adj pertaining to plasmas

Anagrams: psalmic

Hooks: (none)

Ana-hooks: misplacE Oilcamps

'Typos': plasmid plasmin plastic

Blana-grams: apicAls calipHs camAils campilY capliNs cHimlas claDism cOpalms impacTs impalAs impalEs iNclasp laicIsm lipOmas lUmpias maGilps malicEs miscalL misplaN misplaY mUsical Oilcamp palmisT plaicEs spaciAl spEcial spicUla

Extensions: AXOplasmic BIOplasmic# CYTOplasmic ECTOplasmic ENDOplasmic TOXOplasmic ALLOplasmic# IDIOplasmic# METAplasmic# PERIplasmic$ PROTOplasmic SARCOplasmic ARCHIplasmic# ARCHOplasmic# DEUTOplasmic# HYALOplasmic# KARYOplasmic# NUCLEOplasmic ERGASTOplasmic CYTOplasmicALLY

Sub-anagrams: ai ail ails aim aims ais al alms alp alps als am ami amis amp amps as asci asp aspic cal calm calms cals cam cami camis camp campi camps cams cap caps cis claim claims clam clamp clamps clams clap claps clasp clip clips imp imps is ism la lac lacs laic laics lam lamp lamps lams lap lapis laps las li lias lima limas limp limpa limpas limps lip lipa lipas lips lis lisp ma mac macs mail mails malic map maps mas mi mic mica micas mics mil milpa milpas mils mips mis pa pac pacs pail pails pal pali palis palm palms pals pam pams pas pi pia pial pias pic pica pical picas pics pima pimas pis plasm plica plicas psalm psi sac sail sal salic salmi salp samp sap scalp scam scamp scampi si sial sic sim sima simp sip slam slap slim slip spa spail spam spic spica

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