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May 27th, 2008: SULCATE

Definition: SULCATE adj having long, narrow furrows

Anagrams: (none)

Hooks: sulcateD

Ana-hooks: caluMets cutlaseS lacteOus lOcustae Muscatel Osculate scutelLa

'Typos': sulfate

Blana-grams: acetAls acetOus acetYls acQuest aculeUs acutelY acutesT alMuces aMulets auKlets aulDest Bascule caBlets caestuS calLets calMest calQues caluMet caMlets caNtles caPlets caPsule caRtels castleD castleS cauDles ceDulas celEsta ceNsual ceNtals cHalets claQues claRets clauseS clusteR cOteaus cRestal cRustal cuestaS culLets cuRates cuRtals cusPate cutlasS cutleRs cutleTs cutTles Dulcets elastIc eluaNts eluatEs estRual euclasE eustacY Faucets lacIest lactAse lactOse lacuNes laNcets latcHes latIces lauNces lOcates lOcusta lucItes luetIcs luNates luXates Macules Muletas Nutcase Placets Pulsate Recusal Relucts sacCule saluteD saluteR saluteS satcHel scaleuP scaRlet scutaGe scutaTe scutTle seculaR sPecula suBlate tacKles talcOse talcOus talcuMs taluseS teacuPs uNlaces uPscale

Extensions: BIsulcate TRIsulcate# MULTIsulcate#

Sub-anagrams: ace aces act acts acute acutes ae al ale alec alecs ales als alt alts as at ate ates cal cals case cast caste castle cat cate cates cats caul caules cauls cause cel cels celt celts cesta clast clause cleat cleats clue clues cue cues cuesta culet culets cult cults cut cute cutes cutlas cuts east eat eats eau eclat eclats ecu ecus el els es est et eta etas la lac lace laces lacs las lase last lat late lats latu lea leas least les lest let lets leu luce luces lues lust lute lutea lutes sac sae sal sale salt salut salute sat sate sau sauce saul sault saute scale scat scut scuta scute sea seal seat sec sect sel set seta setal slat slate slue slut stale steal stela sue suet ta tace taces tae tael taels talc talcs tale tales talus tas tase tau taus te tea teal teals teas tec tecs tel tela tels tes tesla tule tules us use ut uta utas ute utes uts

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