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December 20th, 2005: BRACTLET

Definition: BRACTLET*BRACTLETS n a small bract

Anagrams: (none)

Hooks: bractletS

Ana-hooks: tractAble

'Typos': bracelet

Blana-grams: battlerS blatterS bracteAl brattIce brattleD brattleS brOcatel cabrettA cartAble clatterS clatterY cUltrate cUttable raclettE rebUttal tItrable tractIle

Extensions: (none)

Sub-anagrams: ab abet able abler ace acerb acre act ae al alb ale alec alert alt alter ar arb arc are art artel at ate att ba bal bale baler bar bare bat bate batt batter battle battler be beal bear beat bel belt bet beta betta blae blare blat blate blatter blear bleat blet bra brace bract brae brat brattle cab caber cable cabler cablet cal car carb care caret carl carle cart carte cartel cat cate cater cattle cel celt cert claret clatter clear cleat crab crate ear earl eat eclat el er era et eta la lab labret lac lace lacer lar lat late later latte latter lea lear let race rale rat rate ratel rattle re react real reb rec recta rectal ret ta tab taber table tablet tace tacet tact tae tael talc tale taler tar tare tart tat tate tater te tea teal tear teat tec tecta tectal tel tela tet tetra trace tract treat tret

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