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November 9th, 2005: CONFUTER

Definition: CONFUTER*CONFUTERS n one that confutes

Anagrams: (none)

Hooks: confuterS

Ana-hooks: confIture

'Typos': confuted confutes

Blana-grams: conStrue cornuteD counterS courAnte forceOut fortuneD fortuneS fourteEn frounceD frounceS fructoSe functorS Infector neurotIc nocturNe outfencE outrAnce recountS trounceD trounceR trounceS unerotIc unforceD

Extensions: (none)

Sub-anagrams: cent cento centu cero cert coft con cone confer confute conte conure cor core corf corn cornet cornu cornute cot cote count counter court couter croft crone croute cru cruet cruft cue cunt cur cure curet curf curn curt cut cute cuter eco ecru ecu ef eft en enuf eon er ern eruct et euro fe fen fer fern fet fetor feu foe fon font for force fore fort forte fortune fou fount four freon fret fro froe front frounce fun functor fur futon ne net no nor not note noter nu nut oe of oft often ofter on once oncet one or orc ore ort ounce our out outer outre re rec recon recount recto recut ref reft reno rent ret roc roe rot rote roue rouen rout route rue run rune runt rut te tec ten tenor tenour tern to toe tofu ton tone toner tor torc tore torn tour tref trone trou trounce truce true tun tune tuner turf turn un unco unto urn ut ute

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