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July 4th, 2005: ENSAMPLE

Definition: ENSAMPLE*ENSAMPLES n an example

Anagrams: empanels emplanes

Hooks: ensampleS

Ana-hooks: amplenesS

'Typos': (none)

Blana-grams: amYlenes Dalesmen Deplanes empaleRs emplaCes emplaneD enFlames enplaNes eXamples Impanels lamenesS leaDsmen malenesS manelesS manIples melaenAs melanGes namelesS neOplasm palenesS panelesS penalIse penNames plaCemen pleOnasm pRenames Repanels Resample saleSmen seaplAne sepalIne sHeepman spaCemen spalDeen spalPeen speaRmen spelaeAn Talesmen

Extensions: ensampleD#

Sub-anagrams: ae al ale alee ales alme almes alms alp alps als am amen amens amp ample amps an ane anele aneles anes ape apemen apes apse as asleep asp aspen ease easel eel eels el elan elans elapse elm elms els else em eme emes empale empales empanel emplane ems en enamel enamels enema enemas ens es esne la lam lame lames lamp lamps lams lane lanes lap laps lapse las lase lea lean leans leap leaps leas lease lee lees leman lemans lenes lens lense les ma mae maes male males man mane manes mans manse map maple maples maps mas me meal meals mean means measle mel melena melenas mels men mensa mensae mensal mense mes mesa mesne na nae naes nam name names nap nape napes naps ne neap neaps nee neem neems neep neeps nema nemas pa pal pale pales palm palms pals pam pams pan pane panel panels panes pans pas pase pe pea peal peals pean peans peas pease peasen pee peel peels peen peens pees pele peles pen penal penes pens pes plan plane planes plans plasm plea pleas please plena psalm sae sal sale salep salp same samp sample san sane sap (and 31 more)

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