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January 15th, 2005: REDAN

Definition: REDAN*REDANS n a type of fortification

Anagrams: denar

Hooks: redanS

Ana-hooks: ardenT Bander Barned Cedarn Craned daMner danCer danDer danGer danKer darKen darneD darneL darneR denarI denarS denarY earnEd endEar erRand Gander Garden Hander Harden Lander Larned naCred narKed nearEd Pander raIned ranGed ranKed ranTed reLand reMand rePand Sander Snared Unread Wander Warden Warned Yarned Zander

'Typos': redon reman reran rewan sedan

Blana-grams: aCned aCred adDer adMen adOre adOrn aIder aIred aLder aMend andrO aneAr anGer anOde anTed anTre arCed ardeB arenA arenE arMed arPen aWned Baned Barde Bared Beard Brand Bread Cadre Caned Caner Cared Cedar Crane danCe dareD dareR dareS darnS daTer daVen daWen deaIr deanS dearS dearY deBar deCan deraT deraY derMa deWan deWar dInar dIner draIn draKe dranK draPe draVe draWn dreaD dreaM dreaR drOne earEd earnS eLand endEr Fader Fared Frena Grade Grand Hared Heard Irade Knead Laden Lader Learn Madre Maned Menad naCre nadIr naKed naLed naMed naMer nardS nareS nearS nerdS nerdY nUder Oared Oread Padre Paned Pared Paren raCed radOn raGed raKed raMen ranCe randS randY raneE ranGe ranId raPed raRed raSed raTed raVed raVen raXed raYed raZed readD readS readY redIa reGna renaL rendS rOnde Saned Saner Snare Tared Trade Tread Trend Under Vaned Wader Waned Wared Yearn

Extensions: CONTredanSE CONTredanCE# CONTredanSES CONTredanCES#

Sub-anagrams: ad ae an and ane ar are da dan dare darn de dean dear den ear earn ed en end er era ern na nae nard ne near nerd rad ran rand re read red rend

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