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January 4th, 2005: CARROTIN

Definition: CARROTIN*CARROTINS n carotene

Anagrams: (none)

Hooks: carrotinS

Ana-hooks: inFractor

'Typos': caryotin

Blana-grams: actionEr anorEtic anortHic antErior antirocK cantoriS carotinS carrionS ciLantro contraiL contrarY cortinaS cratoniC crEation cUration Fraction narcotiC nitraTor raincoAt rEaction roMantic tornaDic tracTion triacTor tricornE tricornS Urinator

Extensions: (none)

Sub-anagrams: acorn acro act actin action actor ai ain air airn airt ait an ani ant anti antic aortic ar arc arco aroint art at atonic cain cairn can cant canto cantor car carn carotin carr carrion carrot cart carton cat cation ciao cion citron coat coati coin coir con coni contra cor coria corn cortin cortina cot cotan craton crit icon in inro into intro ion iota iron it na naoi narc narco naric nit nitro no noir nor nori noria not nota oar oat oca octan oi on ontic or ora orc orca orcin orra ort otic racino racon rai rain ran rancor rani rant rat ratio ration rato ria riant rin riot roan roar roc rot rota roti ta taco tain tan tao tar tarn taro taroc ti tian tic tin tiro to ton tonic tor tora torc tori toric torn torr train triac tricorn trio trocar trona

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