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April 28th, 2004: TAILENDER

Definition: not available

Anagrams: (none)

Hooks: tailenderS

Ana-hooks: adUlterine Credential delineatOr derailMent interlaCed interPlead reinFlated

'Typos': (none)

Blana-grams: alienAted aliMented Breadline datelineD datelineS deatHlier deCaliter deKaliter deKalitre delineatE deMential deniGrate denitraTe dentarieS detailerS detainerS detanGler detraineD elateridS elaterinS enGrailed entailerS entraiNed Gratineed Headliner Herniated ineartHed interlaCe interlaId interlaRd interleaF interleNd interlUde interMale interPled interVale intreaTed irRedenta lateriZed liBerated Madrilene Minareted nearlieSt neCtaried Pertained realiGned reClinate reinFlate rePainted rePlanted reSinated retalLied retinUlae retRained rinGleted tendrileD tOenailed traileRed treadlinG treenailS trianGled tridenTal Uitlander Unalerted Unaltered Unrelated Waterline

Extensions: (none)

Sub-anagrams: ad adit ae aedile aedine aerie aeried ai aid aide aider ail ailed ain air aired airn airt airted ait al alder aldrin ale alee alert alerted alien aliened aliener aline alined aliner alit alt alter altered an and ane anele aneled ani anil anile ant ante anted anteed anti antired antler antlered antre ar ardent are arene arenite arete arid ariel aril ariled art artel at ate atelier da dal dale dan dare darn darnel dart dartle date dateline dater de deair deal dealer dealt dean dear dearie dee deer deet deil del delaine delate dele deli delt delta den denar denari dene deni denial denier dent dental dentil derail derat derate dere detail detailer detain detainer deter detrain dial dialer die diel diene diet dieter dilate dilater din dinar dine diner dint dire dirl dirt dit dita dite drail drain drat dree ear eared earl earn earned eat eaten eater ed edile edit eel eide eider el elain elan eland elate elated elater elaterid elaterin eld elder elide elint elite en enate end endear ender endite entail entailed entailer enter entera enteral entia entire er era ere ern erne et eta eternal etna id idea ideal ideate ident (and 302 more)

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