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2000 National SCRABBLE® Champion
Joe Edley

Congratulations to the new
(and first-ever three-time)
National Champion, Joe Edley

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August 5th-10th, 2000

Six divisions, thirty-one rounds, more than $89,000 in prizes.

Rhode Island Convention Center

1 Sabin Street, Providence, R.I.


Fully Wheelchair-Accessible

The tournament site is fully accessible to wheelchairs, and designated handicapped parking is available.


Entry Form Online



Providence Biltmore Hotel


Getting to Providence and the NSC

T.F. Green Airport (Providence): 12 minutes.
Logan Airport (Boston): 52 minutes.
Amtrak, MBTA (Boston commuter rail).
Bonanza Bus Lines, Greyhound Lines.
I-95 Exit 22.


What's Happening Each Day

Saturday: Registration, Organisational Meetings, Reception
Sunday: Rounds 1-7
Monday: Rounds 8-14
Tuesday: Rounds 15-21
Wednesday: Rounds 22-28
Thursday: Rounds 29-31


Who Plays Whom

Six divisions divided by July rating at 1900, 1700, 1500, 1300 and 1100. Players may play up by one division, and may use peak January to July rating in doing so. Pairings similar to the 1998 NSC.


Over $89,000!

Prizes for top finishers, Biggest Comeback, Flashiest Bingo, Tuff Luck, Highest-Placing Senior, Best Record Days 3 and 4 (Lower Half), Low Win, High Game, High Loss, High Play and Best Strategic Play.


T-Shirts, Tote Bags, Baseball Caps

All NSC 2000 merchandise is available for sale through the WORD GEAR catalog.


Past National Champions

Champions and prizewinners from all past twelve National Championships.


Brought to You by All 35 of Us

The biggest NSC Committee ever, for the biggest NSC ever.

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