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2000 NSC Registration

In order to play in the NSC, all U.S. and Canadian players must be current members of the National SCRABBLE® Association, and must have played in at least one open NSA-rated tournament by June 1st, 2000. Overseas residents are welcome and do not need to be members or to have played in NSA tournaments. However, any NSA-unrated overseas player will be placed in Division 3 unless after special review they are given permission to play in Division 1 or Division 2. To register, print the entry form below and send it to NSA, Box 700, Greenport, NY 11944 postmarked by July 21, 2000. Enclose your check or money order in U.S. funds to pay for your entry fee and (if necessary) membership renewal.


Entry Form


Name _______________________________________  Membership No. ________________

Address _____________________________________________________________________

State/Province _______________________  ZIP/Postal Code _____________________ 

Daytime Phone (____)_____-____________  E-mail ______________________________

U.S. Social Security Number (no Canadian #s) ________________________________

There will be a reception Saturday, August 5. Participants are invited to meet
their fellow contestants and are allowed to bring one guest if they
notify us by July 21, 2000. You must be on the guest list to be admitted.

Check one:

[ ]  I will be bringing a guest named: ______________________________________

[ ]  I do not plan to bring a guest.

North American contestants must be current members of the National SCRABBLE®
Association and have played in one open rated tournament by June 1.

Check one:

[ ]  I am a current member.

[ ]  I need to renew and have enclosed my membership fee in U.S. funds
     ($18 for U.S. and territories; Canadian members $20; overseas $25).

Entries must be postmarked by July 21, 2000. Entries postmarked
after that date will be accepted on a space available basis. No
entry fee money will be refunded after July 30, 2000. To determine
which division(s) you may enter, see our detailed instructions.

Check one: DIV Rating Entry Fee
by 7/7
Entry Fee
by 7/21
[ ]
1 >1899 $80 $100
[ ]
2 1700-1899 $70 $85
[ ]
3 1500-1699 $60 $80
[ ]
4 1300-1499 $55 $75
[ ]
5 1100-1299 $50 $70
[ ]
6 <1100 $45 $65

NOTE: All players must bring a set of Protiles and a clock to use at the event.

HASBRO is the owner of the registered SCRABBLE® trademark in the United States and Canada. © 2008 HASBRO. All rights reserved. "SCRABBLE® Brand Crossword Game" is the proper way to refer to this unique group of word games and related properties marketed by HASBRO. "SCRABBLE®" is not a generic term. To use it as such is not only misleading but also does injustice to the company responsible for the trademark's longtime popularity. All we ask is that when you mean SCRABBLE® Brand Crossword Game, you say so. 

The SCRABBLE® trademark is owned by J.W. Spear and Sons, PLC, a subsidiary of Mattel, Inc. outside of the United States and Canada. 

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