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May 9th, 2023: SPICULE

Definition: SPICULE*SPICULES n a needlelike structure

Anagrams: (none)

Hooks: spiculeS

Ana-hooks: clupeiDs spiculAe suRplice

'Typos': spicula spinule

Blana-grams: Auspice cApsule cliQues clOseup clupeiD clYpeus cOuples culiCes culLies culsHie cupliKe cupUles eclipsE iMpulse iNsculp leuciNs liNeups luciTes lucKies lueTics lupiNes Oilcups peculiA pelVics peNcils piceOus picKles pileOus pileuPs piluLes plAices pOlices puBlics puMices pusliKe scAleup scRuple sculpeD sculpiN sluiceD sluiceS speciAl speculA spleNic spliceD spliceR spliceS sTipule uNclips uNpiles upcOils upPiles upscAle

Extensions: (none)

Sub-anagrams: ceil ceils cel cels cep ceps cis clip clips clue clues cue cues cup cupel cupels cups cusp ecu ecus el els epic epics es ice ices ileus is isle lei leis les leu li lice lie lies lieu lieus lip lipe lips lis lisp luce luces lues pe pec pecs pes pi pic pice pics picul piculs pie pies pile piles pileus pilus pis piu plie plies plus psi puce puces pul pule pules puli pulis puls pulse pus sculp scup sec sei sel sepic si sic sice sip sipe slice slip slipe slue sluice spec speil spic spice spiel spile splice spue sue sulci sup supe up ups us use

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