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May 30th, 2022: CARIES

Definition: CARIES*CARIES CARIED n tooth decay

Anagrams: cerias ericas

Hooks: (none)

Ana-hooks: arcsiNe arseNic ascriBe aTresic caHiers cariBes cariCes carNies carRies casHier cLaries craZies crisTae ecLairs Farcies Fiacres Oracies raciesT raDices saUcier scaLier scarieR scOriae scraPie siDecar sPacier sTearic Varices Viscera

'Typos': caried carles carses cartes carves cavies curies paries varies

Blana-grams: acHier aeriEs aiDers aiMers aireRs airesT aiVers aMices aPices arcHes arecAs arieLs ariOse ariseN ariseS arMies arsiNe arTsie asHier asPire Braces Braise caBers caDres caesAr caGers caGier caHier cairDs cairNs caKier caMise caNers caPers caPris careRs caresS careTs cariBe carNie caseiC caseiN caserN casTer caTers caUris caUser caVers ceDars ceiBas cerCis cerisE cesUra cHairs cHaise cHares cHaser ciDers ciGars ciTers cLears cOarse cOsier craKes craNes craPes craseS crasiS craTes craVes craZes creaKs creaMs creasE creasY crieRs criMes criPes criseS crisSa crisTa crUise cUriae Darics Deairs Dicers easiEr ecLair escarP escarS escHar Facers Facies Farces Farcie Ferias Fiacre Fraise Graces icKers iNcase iraDes Kaiser Lacers Lacier Macers Nacres Ocreas Pacers Pacier Parsec Praise Precis Prices raBies raceRs racHis racieR racisM racisT raiseD raiseR raiseS raMies raNces reacTs recaPs recasT reciTs reDias reLics resaiD resaiL riceRs ricHes rOsace sacKer sacreD saGier saiceS saiLer saMier sarNie saTire saUcer scaLer scarCe scareD scareR scareS scareY scLera scOria scraPe screaK screaM scriBe scrieD scrieS scriVe searcH secPar seracS seraiL seraiS seriaL sicKer sierRa sLicer sPacer sPicae sPicer sPirea sTeric sTriae Terais Traces Triacs Trices Varecs Vesica Vicars Zaires

Extensions: ScariesT PECcaries PIScaries VIcaries# ANTIcaries FORMIcaries POTIcaries# UNScariesT# APOTHEcaries POTHEcaries#

Sub-anagrams: ace aces acre acres ae ai air airs ais ar arc arcs are areic ares arise ars arse as asci car care cares cars carse case ceria cire cires cis cries cris ear ears er era eras erica ers es escar ice ices ire ires is race races rai rais raise ras rase re rec recs rei reis res ria rias rice rices rise sac sae saice sari scar scare sea sear sec sei ser sera serac serai si sic sice sir sire sri

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