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October 20th, 2018: MASTIC

Definition: MASTIC*MASTICS n an aromatic resin

Anagrams: misact

Hooks: masticS

Ana-hooks: atOmics camBist imPacts matRics misactS miscaSt Osmatic sEmatic sOmatic tacHism

'Typos': mantic mastix mystic nastic

Blana-grams: actiNs aDmits amBits amicEs amicUs amiDst amRits aNtics atOmic atTics aUtism camisA camisE casitA cHiasm cLaims cOatis cOmsat cRista Dicast imPact Kismat maGics maistS maNics maNtis mascOt matiNs matRic misatE miscUt misEat mOsaic mUscat Racism Racist samitE saNtim satcOm scamPi scOtia simcHa sitcOm smaLti staTic stiGma ticaLs tRiacs Umiacs

Extensions: masticH# masticHE ONOmastic masticATE masticHES masticHS# masticOT# ONOmasticS masticATED masticATES masticATOR masticOTS# DOCImastic# POLYmastic# masticABLE# masticATING masticATION masticATORS masticATORY ONOmasticIAN ONOmasticON# PARONOmastic POLYmasticS# masticATIONS ANTONOmastic# ONOmasticALLY ONOmasticIANS ONOmasticONS# masticATORIES PARONOmasticAL#

Sub-anagrams: act acts ai aim aims ais ait aits am ami amis as asci at cam cami camis cams cast cat cats cis cist is ism it its ma mac macs maist mas mast mat mats mi mic mica micas mics mis mist sac sat sati scam scat si sic sim sima sit smit ta tam tamis tams tas ti tic tics tis

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