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November 16th, 2007: RATIONALE

Definition: RATIONALE*RATIONALES n a logical basis for a belief

Anagrams: alienator

Hooks: rationaleS

Ana-hooks: alienatorS alteraTion laCeration laUreation relationaL relaXation Senatorial

'Typos': rationals

Blana-grams: aerationS aleatoriC antiGlare antilaBor antiPolar antiroYal antiSolar araGonite Baritonal Cantorial Clarionet Dealation inHalator interloaN laMinator natroliTe neCtarial orientalS Perinatal reFlation relationS Serotinal tenSorial tenTorial trainaBle trainloaD Variolate

Extensions: (none)

Sub-anagrams: aa aal ae aeolian aeon aeration aerial aero ai ail aileron ain air airn airt ait al ala alae alan alane alant alar alate alation ale alert alien alienor aline aliner alit aloe aloin alone alt altar alter alto an ana anal ane anear ani anil anile anoa anole ant anta antae ante anti antiar antler antra antral antre aorta aortae aortal ar are area areal arena areola aria ariel aril aroint art artal artel at ate atonal atone atoner atonia atria atrial ear earl earn eat el elain elan elation elint eloin en enol enrol entail entia entoil eolian eon er era ern et eta etalon etna ilea in inert inlet inro inter into intro ion iota irate ire iron irone it la laari lain lair lanai lanate lane lar lari lariat larine larn larnt lat late laten later lati latina latino latria latrine lea lean leant lear learn learnt lei leno lent lento let li liana liane liar lie lien lier lin line linear liner lino lint linter lion lira lire lirot lit lite liter litre lo loan loaner loin loiter lone loner lor loran lore lorn lot lota loti na nae nail nailer naira nala naoi narial (and 200 more)

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