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September 3rd, 2006: OUSEL

Definition: OUSEL*OUSELS n ouzel

Anagrams: louse

Hooks: Housel ouselS

Ana-hooks: Blouse Boules Coleus eNsoul Joules louIes louPes louseD louseS oBelus oleuMs osCule ouZels oVules soleuS soluTe souleD Tousle

'Typos': fusel ouzel

Blana-grams: Aloes Blues Boles Bolus Boule Bouse Close Clues Coles Doles Douse Duels Dulse eNols euRos Floes Flues Fouls Fuels Glues Gules Helos Holes Hosel House Ileus Joles Joule Koels leNos lesBo leuDs lIeus loBes loCus loDes loesS loGes loOse loPes loRes loseL loseR loseS loTus louIe louIs louPe louPs louRs lousY louTs loVes loWes loWse loXes luBes luCes luDes luDos luGes luNes luRes luTes luXes Meous Moles Moues Mouse Mules Noels oGles oleOs oleuM oRles oVule Poles Pules Pulse Roles Roues Rouse Rules sHeol sloeS sloPe slueD slueS soCle soleD soleI soleS soluM soluS solVe soRel soulS souSe sTole sulFo Telos Toles Tolus Touse Tules Voles Youse Yules

Extensions: HouselS CARousel CRouselY HouselED NouselL# CARRousel CARouselS HouselEEK HouselESS HouselING HouselLED MouselIKE NouselLS# CARRouselS HouselEEKS HouselINE# HouselLING NouselLED# UNHouselED GRouselIKE# HouselIGHTS HouselINES# HouselINGS# NouselLING# SPouselESS# HouselLINGS# HouselESSNESS HouselESSNESSES

Sub-anagrams: el els es les leu lo lose lues oe oes ole oles os ose sel sloe slue so sol sole sou soul sue us use

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