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May 24th, 2006: ECHARD

Definition: ECHARD*ECHARDS n the water in the soil not available to plants

Anagrams: arched chared

Hooks: echardS

Ana-hooks: chaIred charAde charGed charKed charMed charRed charTed chedDar craShed eNdarch Marched Parched raNched reachEd rOached

'Typos': (none)

Blana-grams: achIer adherE arcAde archeR archeS arcKed Bached Braced Breach caChed cadGer cadreS cahIer cardeD cardeR carIed carKed carPed carTed carVed caShed caZher cedarN cedarS cedarY chadAr chadOr chadrI chaFed chaFer chardS chareS charGe chaSed chaSer chaWed chaWer chedEr chIder chOrea chOred cOhead cradLe craNed craPed craTed craVed craZed credaL dacKer daNcer daSher dearTh decarE dehaIr deTach drachM dreIch dreNch eParch eSchar eXarch Farced Gached Gacher Graced hacKed hacKer haIred haNder hardeN hardeR harKed harMed harPed haTred headEr heraLd herdIc hYdrae Macher Nacred Ochrea Ochred Orache Preach racheT racKed recLad redacT redcaP rUched Sacred Scared Search Shader Shared Thread Traced

Extensions: (none)

Sub-anagrams: ace aced ache ached acre acred ad ae ah ahed ar arc arced arch are cad cade cadre car card care cared cedar chad char chard chare cred da dace dah dare de dear each ear ed edh eh er era ha had hade hae haed hard hare hared he head hear heard her herd race raced rad rah re reach read rec red rhea

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