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June 21st, 2005: TROPIN

Definition: TROPIN*TROPINS n tropine

Anagrams: (none)

Hooks: Atropin tropinE tropinS

Ana-hooks: pointEr portinG portiOn protEin rEpoint

'Typos': tropic

Blana-grams: Aroint Citron Cortin Forint iMport inKpot inpoUr intorT introN introS nitroS noritE optinG optiOn oriEnt orpinE orpinS pArton pAtron pErnio pinotS pintoS piSton pitonS pointE pointS pointY pontiL porinG porinS poStin potiOn printS prionS priSon proBit proFit prontO proSit protEi protOn ptErin rAtion ripoSt ropinG rotinI Spinor Spinto Sprint tArpon tinpoT toniEr topinG torpiD triGon tripoD tripoS triTon tUrion tUrnip Uptorn

Extensions: AtropinE AtropinS tropinES tropinG# AtropinES LIPOtropin LIPOtropinS LUTEOtropin THYROtropin GONADOtropin HELIOtropin# LUTEOtropinS SOMATOtropin THYROtropinS CORTICOtropin GONADOtropinS HELIOtropinS# MELANOtropin# SOMATOtropinS CORTICOtropinS MELANOtropinS# SOMATOtropinE# SOMATOtropinES#

Sub-anagrams: in inro into intro ion iron it nip nit nitro no noir nor nori not oi on op opt or orpin ort pi pin pinot pint pinto pion pirn pit piton po poi point porin porn port pot print prion pro rin riot rip rot roti ti tin tip tiro to ton top topi tor tori torn trio trip trop

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