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November 19th, 2023: TYLOSIN

Definition: TYLOSIN*TYLOSINS n an antibiotic

Anagrams: stonily

Hooks: tylosinS

Ana-hooks: lAnosity nitRosyl snoOtily snotTily tHionyls tonisHly

'Typos': tylosis

Blana-grams: Entoils Hyloist Jointly lAtinos linGots lintoLs lionEts lotiOns Moistly nAstily nitRyls noisIly nostRil oilnUts onliEst Pontils sAintly snoWily solitOn soOtily stylinG styloiD tAlions tHionyl tiGlons tolinGs tonsilS tosSily toyinGs Ultions yPsilon

Extensions: (none)

Sub-anagrams: in inly ins into io ion ions ios is iso it its li lin lino linos lins lint lints linty liny lion lions lis list lit lits lo loin loins los lost lot loti lots loy loys lysin nil nils nis nit nits no noil noils noily noisy nos nosily nosy not noy noys ny nys oi oil oils oily oint oints on only ons onst os oy oys si silo silt silty sin sit slit slot sly snit snot sny so soil soily sol soli son sonly sot soy st stoln stony sty styli stylo syli syn ti til tils tin tins tiny tis to toil toils ton tons tonsil tony toy toys yin yins yo yon yoni yonis yont yos

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