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June 28th, 2023: CANITIES

Definition: CANITIES n the turning gray of the hair

Anagrams: (none)

Hooks: (none)

Ana-hooks: actiniDes anDesitic anticiZes ePinastic etHicians inDicates ineLastic saGenitic scientiaL

'Typos': cavities sanities vanities

Blana-grams: aciDiest acOnites actiniAe actiniAs actiniDe actinisM acUities aDenitis aLienist aMnestic ancieNts anticiZe astHenic aXinites Bainites caBinets caeCitis caitiVes canisteR canNiest canOeist cantiesT caRniest ceRatins cHanties ciLiates cineastE cineastS cisteRna cistVaen citiZens citRines cReatins cRinites cteniDia cUtinise cYanites cYtisine Dainties Diactine Distance entasTic estanciA etHician Fainites Fanciest icHnites inactiVe inciteRs inDicate ineRtias inscieNt insectaN instaNce isatineS isatinIc Kainites Kinetics Litanies Meticais Minciest Miniates nacRites nicetiEs nictaTes nitcHies Pianiste Piscinae Rainiest Riancies saLicine sanitiSe sanitiZe scantieR scantieS sciaeniD seMantic siLicate sOnicate sYenitic teniasiS teTanics Vesicant Viciates Zincates Zinciest Zincites

Extensions: (none)

Sub-anagrams: ace aces acetin acetins acini acne acnes act actin actins acts ae aesc ai ain aine ains ais ait aits an ance ane anes anetic ani anis anise anisic ant ante antes anti antic antics antis ants as ascent asci at ate ates cain cains can cane canes caniest cans canst cant cants case casein casini cast caste cat cate cates cats ceas cens cent cents cesta cesti cine cineast cines cis cist cit cite cites cities cits ea ean eans eas east eat eats en enact enacts enatic eniac eniacs ens entia es est et eta etas etic etna etnas ice ices iciest in incase incest incise incite incites inia ins insect inset inti intis is isatin isatine it ita itas its na nae nas nastic nat nates nats ne neat neats neist nest net nets nice nicest nie nies nis nisei nisi nit nite nites nits sac sae sai saic saice sain saine saint san sane sant sat sate sati satin scan scant scat sceat scena scent scient sea sean seat sec secant sect sei sen sena seniti sent senti set seta si sic sice sien sient sin since sine sit site snit st stain stance stane stean (and 40 more)

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