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June 21st, 2021: CERUSE

Definition: CERUSE*CERUSES n a lead compound

Anagrams: cereus cesure recuse rescue secure

Hooks: ceruseS

Ana-hooks: Becurse ceNsure cereOus cesurAe cesureS ecurIes eucHres eXcurse eXcuser recLuse recuLes recuRes recuseD recuseS reDuces rescueD rescueR rescueS secureD secureR secureS seDucer

'Typos': cerise cerule peruse

Blana-grams: cAuser ceDers ceNser cerCus cerGes cerNes cerOus cerTes cesSer cesurA cHeers cOures cOurse creAse creeDs creeKs creeLs creePs creesE creesH creMes crePes creWes crOuse cruCes cruDes crueLs crueTs cruIse cruseS cruseT crusIe cruVes cruXes cuBers cureRs cureTs curIes curseD curseR curseS curVes cusSer cuVees Deuces ecurIe eDuces eMures eNsure eNures erecTs erucTs eucHre eXcuse Fescue Greces Lucres Perces Persue Purees Queers reBecs recCes recesS recTus recuLe recuRe recuRs recuTs reDuce reFuse reseAu resecT resKue resuMe reTuse reuseD reuseS reVues rucHes ruPees rusHee sAucer scerNe scLere screeD screeN screeS scruZe seArce secerN secreT seDuce sOurce sPruce sucKer sucreS Terces Truces ucKers uLcers ureAse ureseS

Extensions: (none)

Sub-anagrams: cee cees cere ceres cree crees cru crue crues crus cruse cue cues cur cure cures curs curse ecru ecrus ecu ecus ee er ere eres ers es re rec recs ree rees res reuse ruc rucs rue rues ruse scree scur sec see seer ser sere sucre sue suer sur sure ur ure ures us use user

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