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September 2nd, 2016: TOCK

Definition: not available

Anagrams: (none)

Hooks: Stock tockS

Ana-hooks: tRock

'Typos': bock cock dock hock jock lock mock nock pock rock sock tack tick toco tocs tonk took touk tuck wock yock

Blana-grams: Atoc Atok cIto cLot coAt coFt coIt cokE cokY coLt coNk coOk coOt coRk coSt cotE cotH cotS cotT kEto kNot kotO octA oktA otIc Scot tAco tokE tokO toRc

Extensions: StockS StockY tockED StockED StockER tockING BITtockS BUTtockS CAStockS CUStockS FUTtockS HATtockS MATtockS PUTtockS REStockS StockADE StockCAR StockERS StockIER StockILY StockING StockISH StockIST StockMAN StockMEN StockPOT UNStockS BITStockS BUTtockED DIEStockS FATStockS GUNStockS LINStockS PENStockS REStockED StockADED StockADES StockCARS StockFISH StockHORN StockIEST StockINET StockINGS StockISTS StockLESS StockLIST StockLOCK StockPILE StockPOTS StockROOM StockTAKE StockTOOK StockWORK StockYARD TICKtockS TICtockED TIPStockS UNStockED BITtock(S) BUTTStockS BUTtock(S) BUTtockING CAStock(S) CUStock(S) DEADStockS FEEDStockS FUTtock(S) HATtock(S) HEADStockS LINTStockS LIVEStockS MATtock(S) OVERStockS PUTtock(S) REStock(S) REStockING ROOTStockS StockADING StockER(S) StockHORNS StockHORSE StockINESS StockINETS StockINGED StockINGER StockLISTS StockLOCKS StockPILED StockPILER StockPILES StockROOMS StockTAKEN StockTAKES StockWORKS StockYARDS TAILStockS TICKtockED TICtockING UNStock(S) UNStockING (and 91 more)

Sub-anagrams: cot ko to toc

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