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April 15th, 2016: TERES

Definition: not available

Anagrams: ester reest reset retes steer stere teers terse trees

Hooks: Steres

Ana-hooks: Aretes Berets Certes Desert Deters eAster eAters eGrets eNters ereCts esterS etHers eVerts eXerts eXsert Ferest Fester Freest Freets Greets Jester Merest Meters Metres Nester Pester Peters Petres Preset reAtes reestS reestY reGest reLets reNest reNtes reseAt reseCt reseNt resetS resIte resteD resteM resteR reteMs retesT retIes retUse reVest reVets reWets sAeter seAter seCret sereSt setTer steAre steerS steerY stereO stereS sterVe steWer steYer streeK streeL streeT streNe sWeert teAser teNser terCes tereKs terFes terNes terseR tesTer tHeres tHrees treeNs treZes tWeers Verset Verste Wester Yester Zester

'Typos': beres ceres deres feres geres heres leres meres peres seres tares teers teles temes tenes teras terek terfs terms terns terse terts tetes tires tores trees tyres

Blana-grams: Arete Arets Aster Beers Beets Beret Beset Betes Brees Certs Cetes Crees Crest Deers Deets Deter Drees Drest eArst eAter eGers eGest eGret eNter erAse ereCt erNes erOse erseS esKer estrO eteNs etHer eVert eVets eWers eWest eXert eYers eYres Feers Fetes Frees Freet Frets Geest Geste Grees Greet Grese Herse Hetes Jeers Jetes Keets Leers Leets Meers Meets Merse Meter Metes Metre Nerts Netes Peers Perse Perst Perts Peter Petre Prees Prese Prest rAtes reAst reAte reDes reeDs reeFs reeKs reeLs reeNs reGes reIst reKes reLet reMet reNte reNts resAt reseE reseS reseW resIt restS restY reteM retIe reUse reVet reWet reXes rItes rOset rOtes sAree sCree seAre seDer seerS seNte sereD sereR serGe serRe serVe setAe seVer seWer seXer sHeer sHeet sHere sIree sKeer sKeet sLeer sLeet sNeer sOree sPeer sPree stAre steAr steDe steeD steeK steeL steeM steeN steeP steLe steMe sterN stIre stOre strAe streP streW stUre stYre sWeer sWeet tAser teArs teAse teeLs teeMs teeNs teHrs teMse teNse terCe terFe terNe tesTe tHees tHere tHese tHree tIers tOrse treeD treeN treKs tresS tresT treTs treWs treYs trIes trUes tWeer tYees tYers Veers Verse Verst Verts Weest Weets Wrest

Extensions: CAteresS HALteres INteresS UTteresT AUSteresT BITteresT EGLAteres INteresSE PORteresS WRIteresS ADULteresS CAteresSES DECASteres DECISteres FRUIteresS HYSteresES HYSteresIS INteresSED INteresSES INteresTED SYNteresES SYNteresIS HECTOSteres HUCKSteresS HYSteresIAL INteresSING INteresT(S) INteresTING NONINteresT PLAteresQUE PORteresSES WRIteresSES ADULteresSES FRUIteresSES INteresSE(S) INteresTEDLY UNINteresTED DISINteresTED HUCKSteresSES INteresTINGLY UNINteresT(S) UNINteresTING COMPUteresE(S) DISINteresT(S) DISINteresTING INteresTEDNESS DISINteresTEDLY INteresTINGNESS UNINteresTINGLY

Sub-anagrams: ee er ere eres ers erst es est et re ree rees res rest ret rete rets see seer ser sere set st te tee teer tees tes tree tres

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