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December 12th, 2014: CHELA

Definition: 1. CHELA*CHELAE n a pincerlike claw 2. CHELA*CHELAS n a pupil of a guru

Anagrams: leach

Hooks: chelaE chelaS

Ana-hooks: Bleach chaleH chaleT chaPel hacKle helIac lacheS leachY Pleach Sealch Thecal

'Typos': cheka

Blana-grams: acheD acheS alecS alePh alMeh aNcle Beach Belah Belch caBle caChe calVe caMel caNeh caPle caRle caVel ceCal celLa chaCe chaFe chalK chalS chaPe chaRe chaSe chaVe cheaP cheaT chIel chIle chYle claCh claDe claeS claMe claSh claVe cleaN cleaR cleaT Decal eclaT elchI eThal Fecal Glace haBle haceK haleD haleR haleS halSe halVe haNce haOle haYle haZel healD healS heMal Ileac laceD laceR laceS laceT laceY laIch laNce laNch laRch laTch laThe laUch leaSh leEch lehUa leTch leUch lOach lYcea Mache Macle Nache Peach Place Rache Reach Recal Scale Selah Shale Sheal Tache Teach Theca Welch Whale Wheal

Extensions: chelaTE chelaTED chelaTES chelaTOR chelaSHIP chelaTING chelaTION chelaTORS SUBchelaTE TRAchelaTE chelaSHIPS chelaTABLE chelaTIONS

Sub-anagrams: ace ach ache ae ah al ale alec cel ch cha chal che ea each ech eh el ha hae hale he heal la lac lace lah lea lech

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