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September 3rd, 2009: SINUATE

Definition: SINUATE*SINUATED*SINUATING*SINUATES v to curve in and out

Anagrams: aunties

Hooks: sinuateD sinuateS

Ana-hooks: aLunites antiQues auDients insuLate Jaunties Petunias Quantise Ruinates sauteinG suiVante suPinate tauRines unaKites unitaGes uRanites uRinates

'Typos': situate

Blana-grams: aCetins aLunite anestRi aniCuts antiQue antiseX antsieR asQuint atOnies atTunes auDient auGites aunteRs aWniest Banties Basinet Besaint Bestain Butanes Caniest Cineast Dauties Destain Detains Distune Dunites eastinG eastLin eatinGs eLastin eLuants entaiLs entasiA entasiS eQuants etaMins etEsian euCains Fainest Faunist Fiaunts Fustian Gainest Genista Guineas Gunites inaNest inFaust inGates inGesta inHaust inMates inQuest instaTe insteaD insuLae intaKes intuseS inuLase isatIne isSuant Janties Jauntie Kentias Luniest Luteins Mainest Manitus Manties Minuets Minutes Mistune Munites Mutines naiFest naiLset naiVest nastieR nastieS nasuteS natiVes natuRes nautiCs nutaTes nutCase nutRias nutsieR Panties Patines Peanuts Pesaunt Petunia Puniest Punties Quinate Quintas Quintes Ratines Resiant Retains Retinas Retsina Ruinate sainteD saLient saLtine saPient satineD satineT saunteD saunteR sautinG seatinG seStina seXtain sHeitan situLae sLainte sOutane sPinate staineD staineR stanieL staniNe staRnie steaRin stHenia sunBeat suStain taeniAs taJines taMeins taMines tanGies tanKies tansieS tanuKis tauPies tauRine tauTens taWnies teasinG tenaiLs teTanus tisaneS tRiunes tsiGane tsunaMi tuniCae tuniesT tunNies unaKite unaList unitaGe uniteRs unitIes unitIse unLaste unsaiNt unsateD unseatS unstaiD unstaTe untaMes untaXes unteaMs untiLes uRanite uRinate utensiL Vainest Vauntie Waniest Wanties Zaniest Zeatins

Extensions: sinuateLY INsinuateD INsinuateS INsinuate(S)

Sub-anagrams: ae ai ain aine ains ais ait aits aitu aitus an ane anes ani anis anise ant ante antes anti antis ants anus as astun at ate ates aune aunes aunt auntie aunts ea ean eans eas east eat eats eau eaus en ens entia es est et eta etas etna etnas etui etuis in ins inset intuse inust is it ita itas its na nae nas nasute nat nates nats ne neat neats neist nest net nets nie nies nis nit nite nites nits nu nus nut nuts sae sai sain saine saint san sane sant sat sate sati satin sau saunt saut saute sea sean seat sei sen sena sent senti set seta si sien sient sin sine sit site snit st stain stane stean stein sten stie stun sue suet sui suint suit suite sun ta tae taes tai tain tains tais tan tane tans tas tau taus te tea teas ten tenia tenias tens tenuis tes ti tie ties tin tine tinea tineas tines tins tis tisane tuan tuans tui tuina tuinas tuis tun tuna tunas tune tunes tuns un unai unais uni unis unit unite unites units uns unseat unset untie unties us use usnea (and 7 more)

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