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November 20th, 2005: DETRITAL

Definition: DETRITAL adj

Anagrams: (none)

Hooks: (none)

Ana-hooks: Filtrated rUtilated trideNtal

'Typos': (none)

Blana-grams: adMitter aGlitter alteritY altitUde artiCled attriTed Brattled Brittled Citrated datOlite detailEr dielYtra dilatAte dilaterS diPteral elatErid Filtrate idOlater iteratEd laCertid lardieSt lariAted lateritE latitUde lattiCed liBrated literatE literatI literatO litterEd Nitrated Prattled rattlieR rattliNe redtailS reMittal retailEd retitlEd Startled Straited Striated tailOred tardieSt teratOid tertialS tetraCid tetradiC tiltYard titraBle titraTed traCtile trialLed triPedal

Extensions: (none)

Sub-anagrams: ad adit ae ai aid aide aider ail ailed air aired airt airted ait al alder ale alert alit alt alter ar ard are ared aret arett arid ariel aril ariled arle arled art artel at ate atilt att attire attired da dae dal dale dali dalt dare dari dart dartle date dater de deair deal dealt dear dei deil del deli delt delta derail derat detail di dial dialer die diel diet dilate dilater dire dirl dirt dit dita dital dite ditt drail drat ea ear eard earl eat ed edit eild el eld eliad elt er era et eta etat id ide idea ideal idle idler ilea irade irate ire ired it ita la lad lade lader laer laid lair laird laired lar lard lare lari lat late lated later lati latte latter lea lead lear leat led lei leir let li liar liard liart lid lidar lie lied lier lira lire lit lite lited liter litre litter rad rade rai raid rail raile railed rait raited rale rat rate rated ratel ratite ratted rattle rattled re read real red redia redial redtail rei relaid relit ret retail retia retial ria rial rid ride riel rile riled rit (and 89 more)

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