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September 15th, 2003: OLLA

Definition: OLLA*OLLAS n a wide-mouthed pot or jar

Anagrams: (none)

Hooks: Holla Molla ollaS ollaV

Ana-hooks: alDol alloD alloT alloW alloY aToll Hallo llaNo loCal loRal loYal Molal Salol

'Typos': olea

Blana-grams: allS allY aloD aloE aloW alSo alTo aWol Ball Bola Boll Call Calo Coal Cola Coll Doll Fall Foal Gall Gaol Goal Hall Halo Joll Kola lalL laZo lEal lIlo loaD loaF loaM loaN loCa lolL loMa loTa Mall Mola Moll Noll oDal oPal oRal oVal Pall Poll Roll Sall Sola Tall Tola Toll Vola Wall

Extensions: CHolla HollaS MollaH MollaS ollaMH ollaVS ABollaE ABollaS ARollaS AZollaS CHollaS HollaED HollaND MollaHS ollaMHS CORollaS CollaGED CollaRED CollaTED DollaRED GollaRED HollaING HollaNDS RollaBLE RollaWAY TollaBLE ABolla(S) ARolla(S) AZolla(S) CORollaRY CORollaTE CollaGING CollaPSED CollaR(S) CollaRING CollaTING CollaTIVE DollaR(S) GollaN(S) GollaR(S) GollaRING MollaH(S) NONDollaR PollaN(S) PollaRDED SollaR(S) BollaRD(S) CORolla(S) CollaGE(S) CollaGENIC CollaPSING CollaRD(S) CollaRLESS CollaTABLE CollaTE(S) DECollaTED DollaRLESS GollaND(S) HollaND(S) PollaCK(S) PollaRD(S) PollaRDING SCRollaBLE TollaGE(S) VICTRollaS CHRYSOColla CORollaRIES CollaBORATE CollaGEN(S) CollaGENASE CollaGENOUS CollaPSABLE CollaPSE(S) CollaPSIBLE CollaRET(S) CollaTOR(S) DECollaTING DECollaTION HollaNDAISE OSTEOCollaS PETRODollaR SARCOCollaS AYATollaH(S) CHRYSOCollaS CONTRollaBLE CollaBORATED CollaBORATES CollaGENASES CollaGIST(S) CollaPSAR(S) CollaTION(S) DECollaTE(S) DECollaTIONS HollaNDAISES PETRODollaRS VICTRolla(S) WollaSTONITE CollaRBONE(S) CollaRETTE(S) CollaTERAL(S) (and 12 more)

Sub-anagrams: al all la lo

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