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May 24th, 2024: ADULTING

Definition: 1. ADULTING verb_gerund (see ADULT 1) 2. ADULT*ADULTED*ADULTING*ADULTS v to do things characteristic of a mature individual 3. ADULTING*ADULTINGS n the act of adulting

Anagrams: (none)

Hooks: adultingS

Ana-hooks: adulAting

'Typos': (none)

Blana-grams: alLuding antidRug auditIng Blindgut daRtling dauntiNg dElating dilatIng dilutIng Faulting luXating Saluting unladiNg uPdating Vaulting

Extensions: (none)

Sub-anagrams: ad adit adult ag agin aglu ai aid ail ain ait al algid algin align alit alt an and ani anil ant anti at auding audit auld aunt da dag dal dan dang dating daunt daut dauting dial dig din ding dint dit dita dual dug dui duit dulia dun dung dunt gad gadi gain gait gal gan gat gaud gault gaun gaunt gi giant gid gild gilt gin git glad gland glia glint glut gnat gnu guan guid guild guilt gul gun gut id iglu in indult it la lad lading lag laid lain land lang languid lat lati latu laud lauding li liang lid ligan ligand lin ling linga lingua lint lit litu lud lug lun luna lung lungi lunt luting na nag nail nidal nil nilgau nit nu nug nut ta tad tag tail tain tali tan tang tau ti tian tidal til tin ting tug tui tuladi tun tuna tung ulan ulna ulnad un unai uni unit unlaid unlit until ut uta

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