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December 23rd, 2023: GLOSSINA

Definition: GLOSSINA*GLOSSINAS n a tsetse fly

Anagrams: lassoing

Hooks: glossinaS

Ana-hooks: assoilIng gasolinEs glissanDo isogOnals sHoalings sloganisE

'Typos': glossing

Blana-grams: agnosiAs agonisEs agonisTs aislIngs anglisTs anisolEs anTilogs assignoR Classing Closings Flossing gainlEss galoPins gasolinE giRasols glasnosT glassinE glassinG goliasEs goslinGs Hassling isogOnal lasHings lasTings lEasings liaIsons lignosEs linsaNgs loaDings loaFings loaniNgs loganiAs loginEss Malisons Moslings oaKlings Rangolis Rassling sagoUins sailIngs saligoTs salsAing salTings salToing salVings salVoing saPlings sasSolin sCalings sEalings sHoaling signoRas sKoaling slangisH slasHing slaTings slosHing sloWings soaKings soaRings soilagEs soilIngs solaCing solaniNs solaTing sWalings

Extensions: (none)

Sub-anagrams: ag agin agio agios ago agon agons ai ail ails ain ains ais al algin algins align aligns aloin aloins along als also an ani anil anils anis as ass assign assoil gain gains gal gals gan gaol gaols gas gi gila gilas gin gins gio gios gis glans glass glia glias gloss glossa gnosis go goa goal goals goas golias gon gonia gons gos gossan in ingo ins io ion ions ios is iso isos la lag lags lain lang las lasing lasings lass lassi lasso li liang liangs lig ligan ligans ligs lin ling linga lingas lingo lings lino linos lins lion lions lis lo loan loans log logan logans logia login logins logs loin loins long longa longas longs los losing losings loss na nag nags nail nails naoi naos nas ngaio ngaios nil nils nis no nog nogs noil noils nos oasis oi oil oils on ons os ossa ossia sag sago sagoin sagoins sagos sags sai sail sails sain sains sais sal salon salons sals san sang sangs sans sasin si sial sialon sialons sials sigla siglos sign signal signals signs silo silos sin sing sings sins sis sisal slag slags slain slang slangs sling (and 33 more)

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