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December 20th, 2023: CISTERNA

Definition: CISTERNA*CISTERNAE n a fluid-containing sac

Anagrams: canister carniest ceratins creatins nacrites scantier

Hooks: cisternaE cisternaL

Ana-hooks: actiOners anOretics ascertAin Bacterins canisterS canNister caterinGs centiarEs cHantries citranGes cLarinets craniAtes cranKiest creatinEs creatiOns Dicentras encratiEs insectarY interacTs iterancEs Larcenist Miscreant narcOtise naVicerts nectariEs ranciDest reactiOns recastinG scenariSt sectariAn secUritan snatcHier trUancies

'Typos': cisterns

Blana-grams: acArines acentriC acOnites acriDest actiOner aGrestic aLtrices aMnestic ancestOr ancestrY ancieNts anGriest anOestri anOretic antiserA anUretic arcAnist arcHines arcsineS arenitEs arGentic arsenicS arsenitE arsOnite artesiAn articLes artinesS astHenic astrinGe ateBrins Bacterin Banister Barniest Brisance caBinets canAries canAster canitIes canNiest canOeist cantiesT cantOris cantreDs cantreFs cantriPs carBines carinAte carLines carMines carOtins caterAns caterinG centarEs centaUrs centiarE centraLs centriEs centrisM centrisT ceraMist cerasinS cesariAn cHanters cHanties cHariest cHristen ciGarets cineastE cineastS cinerEas cistVaen citHerns citHrens citranGe citraTes citrInes citTerns cLarinet cOinters cOrniest craniAte cranKest cranNies crantseS craPiest craZiest creasinG creatinE creatinG creatiOn creMains crestinG crinateD crinItes crisPate cristaTe cUrniest cUrtains cYanites Detrains Dicentra Distance enactOrs entasTic entErics enticErs entraiLs entraiNs erGastic erRatics estanciA Fainters Fanciers Fanciest Fenitars Ganister Gantries Granites Grecians Hairnets inarcHes incIters increasE increatE ineartHs inertIas inFarcts inFracts inGrates insectaN instaNce interacT intreaTs iterancE Keratins Lanciers Latrines Matrices Minarets Mistrace narceiNs narcistS narKiest nartJies naVicert nictaTes nitraTes nOtaries nOtarise nOticers Painters Pantries Paretics Pertains Picrates Pinaster Practise Pristane racinesS raiMents rainIest ranDiest ranGiest ratAnies ratLines reactinG reactiOn reascEnt reastinG recitaLs rectiOns recUsant reEnacts rePaints resiancE resiantS resinatA resinatE restRain retinaLs retRains retsinaS riancIes rOsinate rUinates sarcenEt sarcOnet satUrnic scantieS scarieSt scartinG scatTier scenariO scientEr sciMetar searcinG seatrAin secrEtin seLictar seMantic senOrita sKincare snarieSt snatcHer snitcHer sOnicate sOrtance stainerS stancHer starnieS stearinE stearinG stearinS stericaL sticHera straineD straineR straiTen stricKen sUricate tarTines taserinG taUrines terRains terTians teTanics tHeriacs tHerians tinWares tracinGs traineEs traineRs trancHes tranecTs tranNies transecT transiRe trenaiLs tUracins Uncrates Untraces Uranites Urinates Vesicant Xerantic Zincates

Extensions: (none)

Sub-anagrams: ace acer acers aces acetin acetins acne acnes acre acres act actin actins acts ae aesc aesir ai ain aine ains air airest airn airns airs airt airts ais ait aits an ance ane anes anestri anetic ani anis anise ant ante antes anti antic antics antis antre antres ants antsier ar arc arcs arcsin arcsine are areic ares aret arets aris arise arisen ars arse arsenic arsine art artic artics arties arts as ascent asci aster astern astir at ate ates cain cains cairn cairns can cane caner caners canes canier caniest cans canst cant canter canters cantier cants car care cares caret carets caries carn carnet carnets carnie carnies carns cars carse cart carte cartes carts case casein casern cast caste caster cat cate cater caters cates cats ceas cens cent centra cents cerasin ceratin ceria cerias cert certain certs cesta cesti cine cineast cines cire cires cis cist cistern cit cite citer citers cites cits cran crane cranes crans crants crate crates creant creatin crena crenas crest cretin cretins criant cries crinate crine crines cris crise crista cristae crit crits ea ean eans ear earn earns ears earst eas east eat eats en enact enacts enatic eniac (and 361 more)

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