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November 21st, 2023: ESCHAR

Definition: ESCHAR*ESCHARS n a hard, dry scab

Anagrams: arches chares chaser search

Hooks: escharS

Ana-hooks: archeRs Braches cahIers cashIer chaFers charGes chaserS chasTer chaWers chOreas cLasher crasheD crasheR crasheS echarDs eParchs eXarchs Gachers hacKers hYraces Larches Machers Marches Mesarch Ochreas Oraches Parches racheTs raNches raTches reachEs rOaches schMear

'Typos': (none)

Blana-grams: achIer aFresh ahOrse archeD archeR arecAs ashIer ashLer ashOre Baches Basher Braces Brachs Breach caBers caChes caDres caesAr caGers cahIer caNers caPers careRs caresS careTs carIes carLes carseS carTes carVes caserN casheD casheS casheW casTer caTers caUser caVers ceDars cerIas cesUra chaFer chaFes chaIrs chaIse chaPes charAs charDs chareD charGe charKs charMs charRs charTs chaseD chaseS chasSe chasTe chaWer cheaPs cheaTs cheErs cheLas cherTs chOrea chOres cLears cOarse cOsher craKes craNes craPes craseS craTes craVes craZes creaKs creaMs creasE creasY creEsh Dasher earThs echarD eNcash eParch erIcas escarP escarS eXarch Facers Farces Gacher Gaches Gasher Gerahs Graces haceKs hacKer haerEs haLers haNces hareMs haTers haVers haWser haYers haZers hearsE hearTs hOarse Kasher Lacers Laches Lasher Macers Macher Maches Masher Naches Nacres Ochers Ochrea Ochres Ocreas Orache Pacers Parsec Phaser Phrase Preach raceRs racheT rachIs raNces raPhes rasheR rasheS reacTs recaPs recasT rehaBs rehasH reWash rIches rOsace rUches sacheM sacheT sacKer sacreD saMech saUcer scaLer scarCe scareD scareR scareS scareY scarPh scaThe scheMa scLera scraPe screaK screaM secPar seracS seraPh shaDer shaKer shaPer shareD shareR shareS shaVer shearS sherPa shMear sPacer sTarch Taches Traces Varecs Washer

Extensions: escharOTIC escharOTICS

Sub-anagrams: ace aces ache aches acre acres ae ah ahs ar arc arch arcs are ares ars arse as ash car care cares cars carse case cash char chare chars chase crash each ear ears eh er era eras ers es escar ha hae haes hare hares has he hear hears her hers hes race races rah ras rase rash re reach rec recs res resh rhea rheas sac sae scar scare sea sear sec ser sera serac sh sha share she shea shear

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